All about Andy's exciting magic shows and children's party entertainment.
Music by Kevin MacLeod, Gorillaz and Bassline Circus featuring Niki Mak

The Dream -
a miraculous production of coins and all manner of odd objects
The Milk Jug of Doom -
Andy's all-time favourite trick.
Kids' Revenge -
where the children choose which of the cups Andy will pour over his head - will Andy get wet or not? Now with a new twist in the tale as well.
Water Through Body -
Andy magically pours water all the way through the middle of a child volunteer.
Big Nose - where the children help draw a portrait of Andy by magic and with this extra help he is guaranteed not to look as gorgeous as he wants to be.
What’s In The Bin? -
this magic is rubbish, quite literally! Everything found in the waste bin gets mended by magic.
Orange -
a signed £100 note is magically vanished by the helper and then reappears inside an orange.
A Daring Escape -
a fabulous feat of escapology with a length of solid steel chain, a roll of electrical tape and a handbag.
Food and Drink -
food and drink appear from within a Food and Drink magazine.
The Strongest Knot In The World -
some very visual magic with ropes, magic dust, and a helper from the audience.
Kryptonite -
by the power of the planets Andy makes a pupil (or teacher!) very very weak and then he makes them very very strong.
Static -
Andy "magnetises" a child helper and metal objects then stick miraculously to them.
The Chip Chopper -
an illusion with a machine that chops chips and two audience helpers.
Crazy Pete’s Box of Horrible Things -
Andy has a seemingly easy task to do, but if the children mess it up for him then he’s going to have to put his hand into Crazy Pete’s Box of Horrible Things.
The Oops Machine -
magic using shoes borrowed from the audience and a bewitched box that turns them into mush. Can Andy put them all back together again before it's too late?
The Comeback Spider -
a giant card trick where the children turn all Andy's pretty cards into pictures of spiders.
The Magic Balloon Competition -
where, despite all Andy's cheating, the audience helper will always win.
Pizzadigitation -
where Andy claims he can turn a wooden pizza into a real pizza, but the children catch him cheating every step along the way.
Wool -
a signed sheep disappears and reappears inside a ball of wool
The Dog Food Challenge - a brilliant routine with flowerpots, prizes and one horrible forfeit. Suffice to say Andy gets it wrong yet again and the children win out (as this trick is quite gross he only now does this on request or at Hallowe'en!)
Straitjacket and Chains Escape -
an exciting escapology routine.
Cups and Balls -
the all time classic, performed in a comedy manner. Suitable for smaller groups.


Stop Thief
- Andy chooses one helper to be a robber and another to be a policeman. Everything the robber steals is magically put back where it belongs by the policeman.
Picturesque -
Andy and his audience helper both draw a picture and they swap places under impossible conditions.

ROUND THE TABLES - extra routines ideal for performing during dinner

The Amazing Vanishing Bottle of Ketchup Trick
Moonstar -
an origami trick that's both crazy and charming at the same time.
Silk To Egg, Spring Animal, Magic Frying Pan


Little Spy, Pick Your Brains, Completely Confounded, Comedy Book Test (two versions)


Who’s Who At The Zoo, The Crazy Cake Bake, Stinky The Bird (puppet magic), The Very Silly Silk Scarf
And many from the top list are suitable for very young children too.


Card to Pocket to Shoe, Madame Monte, The Famous Three Card Trick, Clutch, Oz Ambitious, Back In Time, Stick Man, Ding and more


Growing Coin, Recap Revisited, Colour Changing Penknives, The Naughty Key, That’s Sweet, Pencil Through Coin, Salt and Pepper, The Magic Mouse, Holy Moly, Coins Across, Sponge Balls, Coin Transpo, Monopoly and more
Here is a list of the magic Andy Hiccup currently performs. Marvellous!

With some clips dating back over ten years. Andy Hiccup was known as "Boo Hiccup" back then!
The magical world of Andy Hiccup - children's entertainer and comedy magician
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