Andy has many marvellous magic routines for all kinds of different audiences. Here are a few of his favourites:

Water Thru Body -
Andy magically pours water all the way through the middle of an audience helper.

The Kids Revenge -
the audience chooses which of the cups Andy will pour over his head - will he get wet or not? With a neat twist in the tale as well.

Big Nose - where the children help draw a portrait of Andy by magic and with this extra help Andy is guaranteed not to look as gorgeous as he wants to be.

The Milk Jug of Doom -
Andy Hiccup's all time favourite trick.

What’s In The Bin? - this magic is rubbish, quite literally! Everything found in the waste bin gets mended by magic.

A Daring Escape - a fabulous feat of escapology with a length of solid steel chain, a roll of electrical tape and a handbag.

The Strongest Knot In The World - some very funny visual magic with ropes, magic dust and an audience assistant.

Baa Baa Jack Sheep - a signed sheep disappears and reappears inside an impossible place.

Crazy Pete’s Box of Horrible Things -
Andy has a seemingly easy task to do, but if the children mess it up for him then he’s going to have to put his hand into Crazy Pete’s Box of Horrible Things.

Static Kid - where Andy "magnetizes" a child helper with hilarious results.

A Tissue -
an origami trick that's both crazy and charming.

The Conjurer's Dream - making coins, balls and even carrots appear endlessly from nowhere.

The Magic Balloon Competition -
where, despite all Andy's cheating, the audience helper will always win.

The Crazy Cake Bake - Andy makes a colourful cake by magic with help from the audience.

The Return of Jaffa - a signed £100 note is magically vanished by the helper and then reappears inside an orange.

Stop Thief - with help from the audience we re-enact how Andy was once robbed of all his valuables. At the end everything the robber has stolen is magically returned to where it belongs by the magic policeman.

The Shoe Machine - Andy borrows a shoe from the audience and a bewitched box turns it into cinders. Can Andy fix the borrowed shoe by magic before it's too late?

Pizza Topping - where Andy Hiccup claims he can turn a toy pizza into a real pizza, but the children catch him cheating every step along the way.

The Chip Chopper - an illusion with a machine that chops chips and two audience helpers.

Also routines with bottles of ketchup, coke cans, cans of dog food, mentalism, newspapers, yoyos, buckets, eggs, silk scarves, cards, books, funnels, rabbit hutches and many more.

Andy Hiccup will make you laugh so much your granny may explode.
Andy Hiccup's fun, fast-paced magic shows are ideal for family days, corporate events, kids clubs, community events, theme parks, festivals, pubs, promotions and any kind of family event. You can either just have one super show or the magic show can be repeated throughout the day if required.

His magic show is aimed at a children or family audience, and there's loads of mayhem and hilarity with Andy's eye-popping routines. It's jam-packed full of visual comedy, impressive magical moments and tons of fun audience participation. His magic shows are usually either 45 or 60 minutes, but can be longer or shorter on request.

If you wish, Andy can accompany his magic show with walkabout close-up magic, games or balloon modelling.
Andy performs magic shows in schools for end-of-term parties, for educational events, in assemblies, in book weeks, for rewards and incentive programs, or just as a fantastic treat for everyone. His school magic show is  savvy and sharp with tons of laughter and audience participation throughout.

He also entertains for after-school clubs, school holiday clubs and has a gentler show for nurseries with colourful fun routines and puppets too. Andy also has a dedicated website that goes alongsideclick here for details.
Andy performs in lots of different types of venues, large and small, inside and outside. He has performed magic shows at such exciting places at The Barbican, the Churchill Theatre, the Beck Theatre, Ripley's Believe It Or Not Piccadilly, London Zoo, the Eurostar, Covent Garden, RHS Garden Wisley, the Walt Disney Company offices, Butlins, the  Glastonbury Festival and many public places and festivals as well as private and company parties. Photos below are from the Hurlingham Club, The Apple Cart Festival, 10 Downing Street, Rowfant House, The Metropolitan Police Sports Club and Westminster Libraries.
Andy Hiccup waves a magic wand
The magical world of Andy Hiccup - children's entertainer and comedy magician
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