The Clown Dating Agency is sadly no longer active. Over the two years we were in the mirthful match-making business, we succeeded in coupling up loads of clowns and circus performers looking for love, and it made us very proud and happy.
The original and official website,, is now being run by other clown appreciators - well done to them! Do check them out but also  do read below to see how we started it all off. Marvellous!
Please enjoy the silly snippets of clown dating history on this page, which includes photos from our magnificent clown speed-dating event.
This is how we promoted ourselves:
"my love is like a red, red nose"
Circus is a magical business, but it can be difficult to meet new people and form lasting relationships when you’re on the road performing.

The Clown Dating Agency hopes to get performers together, providing fun, friendship - and possibly even love - for those who share a passion for juggling, plate-spinning, trapeze and custard pies.

Women are always asking for a man with a sense of humour, and men for a woman who doesn't take herself too seriously. That perfectly describes the business we're in, so let us help you out by finding you that ideal clown date.
Don't be a sad clown staying in playing with your trombone.
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The first ever exciting “Clown Speed Dating” event was held inside Bassline Circus’ big top on 17th May 2006. Guests were encouraged to take part in speed-dating activities whilst in full costume. After this there was a custard pie flinging competition, dancing, and live entertainment provided by the Bassline Circus cast.

It was the best (and strangest) speed dating night ever!

And here are a couple of affectionate pieces on The Clown Dating Agency by the press:
The Islington Gazette
The Sunday People
cartoon by Ricky Thaxter
The magical world of Andy Hiccup - children's entertainer and comedy magician
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