Above all, the most important thing is that all the children have an incredible amount of fun, everyone is thoroughly entertained and that the birthday child gets to feel very special on their birthday. Andy entertains with some or all of:

- A full exciting fun comedy magic show with audience participation.

- Brilliant balloon modelling - animals, flowers, dinosaurs, hats and other creations.

- Super fun puppet routine (with his magic mice, Bobbin the Raccoon and Stinky the Bird)

- Tons of fantastic games (he brings my own professional music system with PA and microphone), party dancing, mini-limbo.

- Close-up magic for kids of all ages.
Andy Hiccup (formerly known as Boo Hiccup) is an absolute delight to have at any child’s party. He will astound with a full fun fantastic comedy magic show, amaze with balloon modelling, organise games, competitions and dancing, entertain with puppets, thrill with close-up magic for kids, and will provide so much fun and hilarity that your child’s birthday really will be the best day ever. He will captivate your children and impress you adults with his ability to seamlessly run the entertainment at a children's party, leaving you positively stress-free and happy throughout. Andy entertains children up to 11 years old.
One hour parties are usually on weekdays only. For a one-hour party you can have a choice of:
-  My “performing animals” mini-show, a party game and then a 45 minute magic show (this is what I most recommend)
-  A full fun fantastic one hour magic show.
-  A 45 minute magic show followed by 15 minutes of amazing games.
-  A 45 minute magic show followed by 15 minutes of close-up magic for kids.
-  If there are fifteen children or fewer, I can then perform a 45 minute magic show and there will be time enough to make them all a splendid balloon model each at the end.
On the day itself all I need is a sturdy table, on which I spread my magic tablecloth and place my magic suitcase, with a plug socket nearby. A stool or chair is also helpful, but not essential. I bring 10m of my own extension cable and can always bring more if you think I need more. Thanks.

I am Enhanced DBS checked and have public liability insurance of £10m.

I cover a wide area of the South of England, including South London (including, of course, SE and SW London), Surrey, Sussex, West Kent and parts of Central London, Berkshire, Essex and Middlesex too.

Please send me a quick email, or call or text me, then I can whizz over a jolly email full of party details and all the prices for all the packages. If you would like to see an idea of the prices please click here.

You can email me at andy@andyhiccup.com or call or text me on 07734 101 987

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and I wish you all the best for your party!
Andy says: below are the birthday party entertainment details for the different parties. Above all, the most important thing is that all the children have an incredible amount of fun, everyone is thoroughly entertained and that the birthday child gets to feel very special on their birthday.

I provide my own music system, music, and microphone, and have lots of different party music for all different ages.

Times are entirely my suggestion; if you would prefer something different from this just let me know. If there is no birthday food in the middle it doesn't matter at all, I just carry on with games and other exciting stuff straight after the magic show.


I welcome the children with miles of smiles and terrific tricks from my pockets.

I then launch into the performing animals show (all puppets, no real animals) or, if the children are over eight years of age, a few impressive and entertaining close-up magic routines for kids.

The “performing animals” are my magic mice, Stinky the Bird (a comic muppet-style puppet) and Bobbin the Raccoon (cuddly and furry - he looks real!) 

After this we play a party game, and then I present my amazing comedy magic show - a fun fast-paced magical extravaganza. My magic show is original, inventive, very visual, and there’s absolutely loads of audience participation alongside my comical conjuring shenanigans. I get helpers up at every opportunity, especially the birthday child (though I never force them too if they are shy), and the whole audience is invited to help me in a variety of fun creative ways. The magic show is usually about 40 - 45 minutes.

I aim to amuse, amaze and astound with new funny and fresh routines keeping the children thoroughly thrilled throughout. My magic for younger children is jolly and colourful, my magic for older children is edgy and daring, and many of my routines appeal to all ages too.


Usually party lunch or party tea is served after the first hour and so I then take the children off to where they are eating. I do not take a massive break in the middle of the party like other entertainers; once the magic show has finished I put on party music, quickly clear my magic away which takes about five minutes and then go straight into entertaining round the tables.

For the second hour, while the children are eating, I go around making them balloon animals (I can make most of the popular animals) as well as dinosaurs, flowers, hats, pirate swords, heart twists and many other marvellous balloon creations. I usually split the balloon making session in two - making most of the balloons during the birthday food, and the rest at the very end of the party during the last ten minutes.

I can make up to 30 balloon models in a two hour party. If you have more children than this you may like to consider having tricks at the tables instead of having balloon modelling or I can still do balloon modelling but I won’t be able to make one for everyone.

If you would prefer not to have balloon modelling, which is sometimes asked of me, then I entertain round the tables instead with “food magic” which is just as it sounds - magic with food! Salt, pepper, ketchup, fruit, eggs, all of which I provide myself.

Once I see most of the children are down from the table I usually launch into party games. Of course if you prefer the children to stay at the tables for birthday cake then I’ll keep them at the tables instead. Some parents like to have the birthday cake after the party food and some parents like to have it later on. I can also happily lead the singing of “Happy Birthday” when the cake arrives, unless you wish to do it yourself.

I host a super session of fantastic party games and I have different games for different ages. Some are traditional party games, some are new versions of existing popular games, and some games are exclusive just to me. It also doesn’t matter how large a small a space you have to play games in, as I can adapt my games to just about any sized room. My games aren’t of a competitive nature so there are no winners or losers and no-one has to “be out”. I play musical games, role-play games, quest games and party limbo too. If appropriate, I often do performer-led party dancing and mini-disco fun, and sometimes I also do singing with younger children.

At the end of the party I orchestrate a big cheer for the birthday child and a fond farewell, and sometimes I end the birthday party with a dancing Conga train. I finish off making balloon models for all the children so they all get one, and put music on for dancing for everyone else. Yippee!
As well as his usual magical colourful costume format, Andy can also theme his parties in the following ways: 

PIRATE PARTIES (for Pirate and Princess parties)
(as the Mad Hatter)
CHRISTMAS PARTIES (as a Christmas elf)
A photo of Andy Hiccup as a ringmaster alongside another in his original costume
Here is my usual plan for an hour and a half party -

For the first hour -
the first hour is the same as the first hour of the two hour party, namely the puppets / close-up magic, followed by a five minute game, followed by the full fun magic show.

For the last half hour - either a half hour of games or a half hour of balloon modelling. If the children are eating in this last half hour then I can do the balloon modelling round the tables as they have their birthday lunch or tea. If you have fewer than 15 children then I can do both games and balloon modelling.

I can, of course, always do the balloon modelling or games first, and the magic and puppets afterwards, or any other combination. It’s entirely up to you.
The magical world of Andy Hiccup - children's entertainer and comedy magician

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